Meet Pam Bolter, Owner & National Director

Pam Bolter is no stranger to the pageant world … she has been active in pageantry since the age of 13 (having won eight national titles and numerous state crowns herself). From Contestant to Board Member, to Judge, to Local Director, State Director, and National Director … she understands every aspect of pageantry. This experience led her to the decision to FINALLY owning her own national pageant with the same integrity of MAO of yesteryear, sans the talent portion. (Pam believes that everyone has a talent, but not everyone has a performing talent!)

Mrs. Bolter believes in the power of positive pageantry – empowering women of all ages, during every chapter of their life … and always reaching for the stars! Not being just physically attractive, an American Queen State and National Queen MUST have a beautiful heart and spirit – and be dedicated to making a positive impact in her community, her state and in her country! So if YOU are looking for a fun, fair and positive pageant experience … then WELCOME to the American Queen Pageants!


Each Phase of Competition is worth 25% of a Delegate's total Preliminary Score:

​Our judges will be selecting National Queens who are ready to basically walk off our stage and make an instant impact in our country, and in pageantry! Her National Crown will not just be available and visible in her home state, she will have a vision of how her crown will travel ... she has a gameplan and will hit the ground running! The judges will be looking for "the whole package"!


Each Delegate will have up to 1 minute to make an opening statement in fron of our panel of Judges. This is your opportunity to drive the interview! It can reflect something of interest from their national paperwork, or it can be a quote, saying or life experience that she feels reflects who she is and why she is the next American Queen. The interactive judges interviews will last seven minutes, once the opening statement is completed. Delegate will have up to 30 seconds to close the interview in the event she wants to further clarify a subject or make an exiting statement.

On-Stage Q&A

Delegates will answer a question from her bio, as will final question as presented by the judges & staff.


We aren’t looking for the “perfect body” but for the delegate who has the poise, presence & confidence to compete on-stage in a swimsuit! Looking for an expressive lively walk & general movement, as well as symmetry of form in the swimwear attire. All delegates have their choice of a one or two-piece swimsuit. Our Lady Division (50+) has their choice of swimsuit (one or two-piece, with optional pantyhose and cover-up/sarong) or aerobic wear.

Tasteful cutouts are acceptable. Mrs., Ms., and Mrs. Fitness Competition will include a sarong or scarf that will be used in the competition (pantyhose are optional).There is NO comparison judging, in this or any of our competitions …each delegate is be judged on how well she looks for her age!


Grace, poise, presence & style are deciding factors in this phase​ of competition.Cost of the gown should not be a factor. Does she wear the gown, or does the gown wear her?


Finalists will compete on-stage in Q&A, Fitness, and Evening Gown … each phase of competition is worth 25% of her total score. Interview scores will be carried over to the finals competition.

NOTE: During both Preliminary & Finals, high and low scores will be discarded (Olympic Style Balloting). There is NEVER comparison judging in the American Queen Pageants … Each State Delegate is judged on her own merits and will never be compared to another contestant.