Criteria for the Elegant American Queen competition

Ages 70-85+:

Any marital status ​


  • Ages are as of July 1; must be a natural born female.
  • must be a U.S. citizen; must be of good moral character.
  • Residency: Must be a resident of, born in, attended school in, or married in the State or Territory they are representing (unless of military status)


A Code of Conduct will be supplied with a complete registration and must be followed by the contestant before, during and after the contest.


  • All areas of competition are worth 25%
  • NO Comparison Judging, each Delegate judged on her own merits!
  • Panel interview
  • *Onstage Q&A * Sports Wear * Evening Wear


Delegate agrees that if she wins a national title, she will not participate in any other competitions during the time she holds the title; Delegate releases, unconditionally and forever, any claim against AQP, its parent and affiliated or related companies and their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and assigns, or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and/or biography in connection with the national competition, including use in promotional and advertising material.

Delegate understands and agrees that AQP shall determine all issues as to eligibility to compete in competition. Substance Abuse: Delegate does not use or consume any illegal or controlled substances or abuse the use of alcohol or other dangerous substances.

Delegate must be in good health physically and mentally and is able to perform the professional responsibilities. All State Delegates will pay the $1,000 entry fee, in addition to bringing $100 in cash to registration at the National pageant. 50% of these funds will be given to the new National Queens on stage at the conclusion of the National pageant, while the other 50% will be paid to the National Queens at the conclusion of their reign at the following year’s national competition. (This fee includes the official State Crown and Sash.)

Payment plans are available. 50% of the entry fee is due within 30 days of acceptance from the AQP National Office. Entry fee can be paid personally by the contestant or it can be sponsored by Delegate’s family, friends, or business associates. Delegate may also seek support from business associates, family, and friends.

2020 Elegant American Queen Delegates



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