Judging Process

Phases of Competition - each category is worth 25% of the total score


Each Delegate will have up to 1 minute to make an opening statement in fron of our panel of Judges. This is your opportunity to drive the interview! It can reflect something of interest from their national paperwork, or it can be a quote, saying or life experience that she feels reflects who she is and why she is the next American Queen. The interacative judges interviews will last seven minutes, once the opening statement is completed.

  • Other things to take into consideration:
  • – Why does she want this title?
  • – What will she do with the title should she win?
  • – How will she promote the title & her platform?
  • – Does she have a “game plan” to bring in other sponsors, recruit more delegates, etc.
  • – This is a job and she should be prepared!!!

The way to tell a good interview … when it’s over, you wish it wasn’t! You want to get to know this delegate more!

On-Stage Q&A:

Delegate should possess the ability to express herself through verbal communication on front of a large audience, with the ability to think quickly. We want someone who is able to answer articulately and concisely. There is no right or wrong answer, it can be funny, or serious, depending on the nature of the question and the personality of the delegate.


We aren’t looking for the “perfect body” but for the delegate who has the poise, presence and confidence to compete on-stage in a swimsuit! Look for an expressive, lively walk and general movement as well as symmetry of form in swimsuit. Delegates are given the option of a 1 or 2-pc swimsuit and should have chosen a style and cut that compliments her body.

Evening Gown:

Grace, pose, presence and style are the deciding factors in this phase of competition; cost of the gown should never be a factor! Things to consider are: Has she selected a cut, color and style that compliments not only her body but her personal style; Is she wearing the gown or is the gown wearing her?; Does she exude grace and style?

Rules For Judging

* Smile and be relaxed

* Be attentive and focused on each delegate

* Have some questions prepared in advance of interview based on her bio and fact sheet

* Ask open-ended questions

  • – What’s your opinion on …
  • – Tell me about …
  • – How do you feel about …
  • – How would you respond to …
  • – Ask open-ended questions

* Avoid yes or no questions

* Direct all questions to determine the delegate’s ability to fulfill her duties as a National Queen

* Speak clearly and enunciate; if a delegate asks for a question to be repeated, be patient and not defensive

* Don’t argue with a delegate; she is entitled to her own opinion, as are you!

* There are no right or wrong answers; as long as she can back up her answer with a convicted why she feels the way she does, then score her accordingly

* Never applaud any delegate while she is on stage. You may applaud the group of delegates in the opening number, gown finale and upon the crowning of the new Queens.

* NEVER NEVER NEVER discuss with a delegate, her family or friends on how you scored her. We will provide her with her scores and your feedback.

* Find out WHY the delegate wants to be one of National Queens. This is a job! We need Queens who are willing to devote a year of service to our pageant and help us to continue growing!

* If she has previously held a title for another organization, find out what she did with her title. Was she a working queen or does she just put another notch on her belt?

* Will she have time to commit to our pageant throughout her reign? Each Queen is expected to make at least 12 appearances – six of which should be community or civic related. Of course, more is better!