Judging Process

Scoring for The American Queen Pageants® take great pride in offering the fairest method of scoring utilizing the “Olympic Style Balloting”, meaning the high and low scores are dropped and the remaining judges scores are then tabulated. Our pageants consist of four areas of competition:


Delegates will compete in a private panel style interview for up to 7 minutes. State Delegates have the opportunity of delivering a 30-second intro prior to their interview, however, the timing for the interview begins once speaking begins. Judges will be looking for diversity, relatability, commitment to the American Queen Pageants® and what they would do with their year-of-service. The private interview accounts for 25% of the overall score.


Each Delegate has the opportunity to speak for 30-seconds sharing something that is personal and important to themselves. They might want to reiterate something from their private interview that they felt really connected with the judges, or something new and interesting that never came to light during the interview. An inspirational motto or quote is a great way of sharing philosophies in a short amount of time. After their personal 30-second talk, each delegate will select a random question that our Emcee will read to the delegate and audience. Delegates have up to 30-seconds to answer this question. This portion of the competition will account for 25% of the overall score and will be completed in their opening number attire, which is a LBD (little black dress).


Each delegate has the opportunity to showcase her method of staying fit in this creative category. Be it tennis, walking, tennis, swimming, yoga, etc. Delegates are encouraged to have fun with this segment and show her personality … this portion of the competition accounts for 25% of the overall score.


All Delegates compete on-stage in the evening gown competition. Delegates will NOT be judged on the cost of their gown, but on how she displays poise and confidence. Evening gown accounts for 25% of the overall score.

In the event of a tie ...

The Auditor will break any ties by reviewing the overall Interview Scores to determine who had the highest score; if there still remains a tie, then the highest score for the On-Stage Q&A will take top honors. Still a tie? Then Fun Fitness and then Gown scores will be considered. If there is still a tie, then the delegates who are tied will be brought back out to the stage and will each select a random question from which the judges will then determine the national winner.

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